DMS Weekly Opportunties

January 19, 2016

Try This! TEAM - PAIR - SOLO

  1. Students are placed in groups of 4.
  2. Teacher poses a question, and the group analyzes the question, applies what they have learned, makes inferences and draws conclusions as a TEAM.
  3. Teacher poses a 2nd question, and teams of 4 break apart into partners and answer as a PAIR repeating the processes and thinking they did on the team question.
  4. Teacher poses a 3rd question, and students answer the question SOLO repeating the thinking they did on the previous questions.

Great way to scaffold for struggling and ELL learners as well as facilitate discussion!

Did anyone try the STAND UP- HAND UP- PAIR UP from last week? If so, email me and let me know how it went!

Make Sure to Post Grades in a Timely Manner! (5 Days)

Remember it is FBISD Board Policy that teachers post grades within 5 school days. Keep on top of your grade books! We are starting to hear from parents that grades are not being posted regularly as policy dictates.

(Board Policy EIA-R) Teachers will record grades using the district’s electronic grade book. Teachers will post assignment grades within five (5) school days of the assignment due date unless it is a special project or research paper that has received special approval from the principal or a designee.

Opportunities Approaching:

  • DMS Boys BB Teams vs. SLMS this Wednesday at 5:00!
  • TELPAS Rater Training on January 26th
  • College Shirt Day on February 1st
  • Counselor Appreciation Week is Feb 1st-5th