Chinese Schools of Thought

By: Shayna Sparrow

|| Buddhism ||

Buddhism is a very peaceful religion. Buddhist believe in being at peace with everyone and everything around them. They have The Four Noble Truths, which are:  1.) All human life involves suffering and sorrow2.) The desire for a life of pleasure and material gain causes suffering and sorrow3.) Renouncing desire frees people from suffering and helps them attain nirvana4.) The Eightfold Path leads to renunciation, or denial of desire and attainment of nirvana

|| Confucianism ||

Confucianism is a religion based on learning by example. Confucious showed he dukes and princes how to govern wisely. Confucious also encouraged individuals to participate in society. Confucious had Five Relationships which were 1.) Father to Son2.) Elder Brother to Younger Brother3.) Husband to Wife4.) Ruler to Subject5.) Friend to Friend

|| Taoism ||

Taoism takes a more diciplinary approach as a religion. They believe that everyone has their evil side to them.

|| Legalism ||

Legalism is