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Mountain Gap P-8: 3rd Edition

Tech Monthly Newsletter

This edition includes various apps or online resources colleagues are utilizing. Take a second to try one or a few in your future instruction. Please respond below as to what you used, and how it worked for you. Also, if you have an app or online resource you'd like to share with the faculty, please let us know.
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Basic Coding: Where do we start? teaches basic java script, where students can learn to animate characters and build simple games. Students collect coins, clear “slime” and bugs and act as “fuzz balls” to accomplish a variety of tasks while learning how java script works. is another game site that teaches java script for students from 3rd graders to middle schoolers. Students collect jewels and coins while fighting ogres in their effort to write the most efficient script to reach a variety of goals and levels. is another good site for teaching more advanced java script, fun for ages 6-106 where the user takes a “Roadtrip” and travels through 3 levels of terrain while coding to avoid obstacles and reach destinations.

Finally, the simple application and text editor, Notepad++, is fully updated and available from HCS’s software center for download to all teachers and students. Notepad++ adds many features to the standard Microsoft packaged Notepad useful for a variety of text and code editing tasks.

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Math Fluency Practice

Xtra Math is a free web math fact fluency program that helps students master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. The program begins by given students a series of placement tests. After the placement tests, students are given timed practices; these short sessions usually last less than ten minutes. After mastering a program students receive a certificate of achievement. Xtra Math provides detailed progress reports for teachers and parents. There is also a mobile app available for five dollars.

Narrating with ScreenChomp

ScreenChomp is a free app that will allow you to record your own narrations as you draw out and explain your idea on your iPad. You could sketch on a plain background or choose a certain image from your camera roll. You can then share your video with your students by using a unique URL or a downloadable MP4.

Tech Team Contact Info

Please feel free to contact anyone on the tech team with questions about app and resources available. We will be glad to assist you with integrating technology into your classroom.