Study guide 101

knowledge is the key to success!

How do we visualize information in a breeze?

I know that studying is never a fun way of learning but what is we could change that. learning information that seems like it will never end is hard to remember later on so we start to visualize the information in a way that we can comprehend it easier. For Example we can see the information better is you draw it, make a story or rhyme to remember what you learn, or even Cornell notes.

the picture is from my text book for parenting it is a visual of a baby in its mother's tummy.

The importance of a study environment

There is some places where we can not get any studying done with all the noise, distractions, and uncomfortable places. However we shouldn't study in one spot for long because you start to feel uncomfortable and start to forget what you have learned. For example a room with a 5 or less people is a good environment or even study in different rooms from others might help you if you work better alone. They say changing you environment slow down forgetting.

Hop on YouTube or

Who is the type of person who studies better by looking at a video. Well thanks to YouTube and TED talk there is videos that explain any information that you're having trouble with. TED talk is where someone is talking to a lot of people about a topic you might need to learn. YouTube some times even shows how to do the homework you are working on.

Can you teach it to someone else?

One of the best ways to remember and learn is to teach someone else the information. helping another student can bring you to a higher level of learning. also helping a real person is a good way because you can get feedback from them.

little golden book on your subject

If you make a golden book out of the subject you are learning then you can learn it by reading your story which will help you comprehend you topic. Making a funny or creative story about something you learn can help you forget less.