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iQunite Pays You to Socialize

Time for change

This a once "for" a lifetime opportunity folks. Take the time to find out what all the hype is about. IQ Life will be launching a new social platform like nothing we've seen before. They will be sharing the wealth. "why" ? They realize that the success of any social platform lies with us...the very people using it! Think for a moment the power behind this concept. Who wouldn't want to be a part of a movement where you are graciously thanked for building the community the majority of us belong to. We're talking Billions of dollars created by all of us sharing our life, different products, information the list goes on and on. Without us, they wouldn't have the success or the money! Plain and simple. IQUnite is here to change all of that! They are opening up the door to change the way we think about social media! This appreciation will be shown by giving FREE users reward points to be redeemed for products, gift cards services ect... Hold on, because it doesn't stop there! Users will also have the opportunity to earn cash..yes folks , REAL CASH! All of this just for doing what we are already doing.

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IQUnite will be the world's one and only FREE global sharing platform with amazing capabilities that offers redeemable point rewards to free users and profit sharing income to brand partners. THIS is a HUGE change in the currently accepted status quo. Again, they are opening up the door to change the way we think about social media!

Brand Partner? First Inviter?

You're probably wondering "what's a Brand Partner"? Well let's just say to start, It's another way of sharing the wealth! They are giving everybody and anybody the opportunity to come on board before they go public and become a "First Inviter". This is real ownership, real market share! The cost? Get this...only $9.95 a month! That's only 2 cups of coffee a month from your favorite shoppe. This actually brings tears to my eyes! I have been dancing like nobody is watching ever since I came across this once "for" a lifetime opportunity! Yes, IQkonnect is not only going to share the wealth with its Free users but also with us "First Inviters" who help get the word out to the world. This is global people! Take note that they will stop taking first inviters. Once this goes public you can't go back to the beginning. Make the pledge to secure your future today!

Changing the Way U Think About Social Media

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