The Battle of Bennington

By: Anna Williams

The Battle of Bennington

The Battle of Bennington was important because it was one more American victory! This Battle was was near Bennington, Vermont, but was in New York. The American General was John Stark. He was an important part of this battle to the Americans. The British General was John Burgoyne, he captured many American forts. The battle of Bennington was an important battle of the Revolutionary war.

The Minor Details

This battle was named The Battle of Bennington because of Bennington, Vermont but was was actually in New York. The battle took place on August 16, 1777 just outside Bennington, Vermont. It was a tough battle but the American soldiers stayed hardy and ended up with another victory! The battle started around 3 p.m. It was a rainy mess and a small thunderstorm appeared while preparation for the fight. This battle was well known for the loss of British supplies. The battle conditions may have not been the best but the American soldiers worked past that and won!

The Americans

The American General was John Stark, he was a tough leader. He was born on August 28, 1728 in Nutfeild, New Hampshire. He had prepared to attack the British at dawn on August 16, 1777. The Americans took the British by surprise and attacked! Then, instead of finding the supplies needed for the Britsh they created a small unit and captured 4 guns and many small arms. Eight-hundred Americans came in contact with the Britsh. Later on, John Stark was titled the Hero of Bennington. The Americans had won the battle! The Americans won, but what about the British?
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The Battle Begins

The British

This was a tough battle for the British because of their huge loss of supplies! The Britsh recently had great success in the Battle of Saratoga! They were winning battles and doing very well. But this day was a rare loss at the time. The British army made up of 1,400 well trained soldiers. Two-hundred seven of them were killed, but none were wounded. The British General was John Burgoyne along with the Commander, Fredrich Baum. These two leaders worked very hard and had success in the past. They led their army down Lake Champlain, and captured many American forts. As for their journey towards Bennington they found themselves with a major loss of supplies. They tried to capture horses, loyalists, and provisions. The British generals an the army had a tough battle even though they were in desperate need of supplies.
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The British in fight.


Overall, this was a great battle for the Americans! They all stayed safe and won! The Americans had prepared to attack the British at dawn. The Britsh worked hard but didn't end up succeeding.


Provisions- the action of providing supplies for use.

Loyalists- a person who remains loyal to their peers.

Prepared- to get ready for an event or a certain cause.

General- a commander for a army or war.



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