Better Education in Somalia

by Ava Ault, Anna Carroll, Ben Metcalfe, and Jackson Borden

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Mental Health of Refugee Children. Wikipedia, 29 Sept. 2014. Web. 11 Dec. 2014.

A Brief History

Our country has had a history of conflict due to an unstable government and uneducated citizens.

Current Events

Somalia is having an issue of Al-Shabab and the Somali Pirates within the last year.

Need Statement

We need Somali people to have a higher literacy rate and better education so that violent crime and homicide rates will lower and Somalia will become more peaceful.


Our solution is to install a public board of education to educate people under 18 because it is required by law.

Explanation Towards Our Solution

  • Increase Wealth

  • Reduce Crime

  • Be more sustainable

  • Provide citizens a legal way to get money

Public Service Announcement

My good people of Somalia: Here in Somalia, we have passed a law so that all children shall receive a formal and public education to help improve this country’s wealth, influence, and sustainability. Increasing the education rate in Somalia will allow the future generation to be more successful economically and help reduce crime rates because citizens will have a more efficient legal way to get money. Public Schools will open, and all children under 18 years of age will be required to attend. Teachers will be payed by the national school system that we will develop. This will open more jobs to all. Anybody previously educated can apply to be a teacher. Students will be given the opportunity to have a legal job and not to use piracy to gather resources and money. The Somali Board of Education is now in effect and all states and regions will be expected to follow through. Somalia and the whole world will be better off for it. Thank you citizens, and I hope you agree on our new education policy!

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