I am a boss at football 🏈

Which career I chose and why I chose this career

The career I chose was Athletes and Sports Competitors because I chose this career because I want to become a football player. It always has been my drea to become a football player.

A person with this job are doing hard work like running more than one hundred yards every game or practice. The job is football defense are trying to stop the other teams offense. The offense is trying to get down the field to get a touchdown. You need a high school diploma or equivalent is needed for entry. The high of how much would you make with this job is for the us is 85,184.00. There are 14,900 in the us. In the future from 2012 to 2022 it will be more popular by 1,000 2012 14,900 to 2022 15,900 in ten years. Jobs that are similar to this one are baseball player, golf professional, and hockey player.

What you need to do in football

A reason why I wanted to be a football player

One reason is that I perfer to be on defense then offense because on defense I get to tackle people and pick up the ball and run it to be he touchdown and lead my team and o Victory.