By:Nina Plata and Derlin Howard

what is a platyhelminthes?

They are living thing in the Phylum platythlminthes (flatworms) that consists of 20,000 species of soft-bodies bilaterally symmetrical invertebrate animals. There are four types of flatworms and they are : Turbellaria , Trematoda, Cestoda , and Monogenea. Most flatworms are carnivore. Flatworms have no gills or respitory orgns , heart, blood vessels, or blood
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  • Also known as Tapeworms
  • A parasite usually found in animals such as cows and pigs.
  • Can enter the body through consumption of uncooked food or thorough contaminated water.
  • Pork Tape worms have been found to be the most dangerous. They can enter the head and cause death.
  • Pork Tapeworm is able to travel through all of the vital organs
  • Can be at least 20 feet long
  • Even though it is a highly illegal and dangerous they are sold and used a weight loss method.


  • the most primitive group from the phylum Platyhelmenthis is the class Turbellaria.
  • Turbellarians are free-living
  • some turbellarians reproduce sexually while some reproduce by fission and regeneration
  • When turbellarians are reproducing by fission and regeneration their tail end is out into their head and the flatworm splits in half


  • Most are Ectoparasites ( they live outside of their host cell)
  • They few that are endoparisite usually live in their hosts blatter
  • They have more than one host throught their lifecycle
  • Whales, Reptiles, Amphibians, Octopus, and Squids are usually the primary host.

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Worms regenerate decapitated heads with memories

Platyhelminthes Rap

Platyhelminthes Rap