Weekly Update

January 20-23

Next Week:

Wednesday: Reading Benchmark

Thursday: Math Benchmark

Friday: PODS and Report Card Distribution


This was a short week, but we we read about light, were introduced to spelling and vocabulary words that we will encounter in our light unit and of course enjoyed a design challenge! Students worked individually on this challenge to create a "camera" with 3 lenses to demonstrate transparent, translucent and opaque. As always it was amazing to see what they came up with...I didn't get to snap any pictures of the kids with their final products, but I will before they bring them home next week!

We will continue to explore this fun science topic next week! The electromagnetic spectrum is on the horizon in this unit! ;) ...I introduced the kids to the term "light reading" this week...the puns can go on and on!

Dear Parents,

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your fifth grade students. January 23rd is my last day in for Mrs. Franklin, but I will continue to substitute at the school and look forward to seeing your students. I know Mrs. Franklin is excited to come back and work with your students again.

I have not sent an update for a couple of weeks, so I wanted to let you know what we have been doing. In math, both classes have worked on fractions, decimals, and percents with me during collaboration lessons. Centers included games, sorts, task cards, manipulatives, and problem solving. Some of the problem solving involved multiple steps and all involved higher level thinking. Your students were up to the challenge.

Both Mrs. Rose's class and Mrs. Jones' class worked on Geography. We worked with atlases and the internet to find information for lap books and research sheets. Both classes had to use critical thinking to design their products. The next unit is light. They will have labs to learn the properties of light and have to think through how to find the information they need.

Have a fabulous spring and keep learning!

Julie Quillin