The Potter Packet

Happenings in Room 231!

Reader's Workshop- This week was all about biographies! Our anchor text this week was Dr. Seuss by Helen Lester. We learned facts about Dr. Seuss and discussed graphic and text features that were included to help us better understand the story. We also choose a biography from the library and picked out important facts. The most fun we had with biographies was interviewing each other! On Friday, we also looked at poems and discussed alliteration, rhyming words, and visualizing. What a great job the students did!

Writer's Workshop- We started our unit on Mem Fox this week. The students have been introduced to two of Mem's books and discussed how she uses feelings and emotions in her stories. We will continue to immerse ourselves in her stories over the next week and a half. When we return from winter break, the students will start writing their own stories.

Language Arts- Students learned about antonyms this week. We played a game where they had to find a partner that had the opposite of their word and they also created mittens that had antonyms on them.

Math- We continued to learn two more strategies that help us when we are subtracting. The students learned how to make a ten to subtract and how to break apart to subtract. Only one more lesson before we review for our chapter 4 math test!

Science/Social Studies- This week we learned more about penguins! The students now know eight penguin species. They even made their pwn penguins skiing or sledding and wrote facts and opinions about them on their bellies.

In Other News...

  • Our day of code was a big hit! The students used Scratch Jr., a coding app, that allows them to create their own interactive stories and games. They made characters jump, move, and talk.
  • The core value for December is citizenship! The Kids of Character for this month are Finn and Hayden. Congratulations!
  • Next Friday, December 18th, is our winter concert! The students will be rehearsing hard all week to use their best singing voices on Friday! We hope to see you there!


The next Reader's Chair readers are Akhil and Vanessa. Mia and Preston will bring in projects!

Please remember to send in your child's library book every Monday!

Please remember to send in a healthy snack everyday!

Our class has started a Twitter page! Follow us @potterpals231!

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