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Halloween is quickly approaching, and we will celebrate at Army Trail on Friday, October 29. Classroom teachers will be sending letters home to inform parents of the classroom activities in individual classrooms. As a school, we will continue our tradition of the Halloween parade. The parade will begin at approximately 1:00 and conclude at approximately 1:30. The parties will start after the parade. We will have alternative "fall" activities for students not participating in the Halloween celebration.


All students participating should wear their costumes to school in the morning. To create the least disruption to the learning environment, please use the following guidelines when sending your child(ren) to school on this day:

  1. Students are not allowed to bring weapons of any kind to school.
  2. Costumes should be appropriate for an elementary school setting. Costumes depicting violence and make-up that are excessively bloody are not appropriate in a school setting.
  3. Students should wear their costumes to school. If your child has P.E., please make sure they have appropriate footwear.
  4. Students will not be allowed to be picked up to go home to put on their costumes. All costumes should be worn to school.
  5. Parents will not be allowed to come in to dress or change their children.

Costume Parade

Parents are welcome to come to Army Trail for the Halloween parade at 1:00 and wait along the parade route. Weather permitting, we will exit the building through Door 6, walk east towards Indian Trail, down the sidewalk to the District Office, and back to Army Trail. The best photo opportunities will be along this path. Parents will not be allowed into the building for safety reasons. If, however, the weather does not cooperate, parents will be welcomed into the Army Trail to watch the parade in the gym. In the case of poor weather, all parents must enter through Door 6.

Classroom Parties

Classroom Teachers and/ Grade Level Teams will be planning a celebration for their students that will start at approximately 1:30. The staff member in charge will send a separate letter outlining their activities and food. We will be following the District Food Allergy Management Plan outlined below. Students will not be allowed to bring food items to school to share with others, including birthday treats or food of any type to share for celebrations or holiday parties. If students wish to bring something to share, it must be a non-food item. Additionally, due to COVID restrictions, we are limiting each classroom to two parent volunteers. All parent volunteers must check-in through the Main Office and have a picture ID to enter the building.

Food Allergy Mangagement

Our school district recognizes that our students, school employees, and school visitors may be at risk of having allergies to certain foods. While it is not possible for the school district to completely eliminate the risks of exposure to allergens in our schools, we strive to reduce risks, provide accommodations, and proper treatment when a student has an allergic reaction. The Addison School District 4 Food Allergy Management Program includes:

  1. School personnel being trained annually on responding to allergic reactions including the administration of medication with an (EpiPen) auto-injector;
  2. The availability of (EpiPen) auto-injectors in elementary school and junior high school nurse’s office to be utilized in an emergency;
  3. The opportunity to develop individual health care and action plan for students with identified food allergies; and
  4. Guidelines for preventing exposure to food allergens in every school which includes, but is not limited to, classrooms and areas of the school that may be utilized for the food service program. Students will not be allowed to bring food items to school to share with others, which includes birthday treats or food of any type to share for celebrations or holiday parties.

While it is unfortunate to eliminate a component of celebrations in our classrooms that may be enjoyable for some, it is far more important that 100% of our students feel comfortable and safe in their classroom. It is everyone’s responsibility to prevent exposure to food allergens whenever we can and to make sure that our students feel safe in our schools.

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