midevil family and education


-Family status was important

-People married not for love but rather to try to better the situation for the family by marrying some one of high class

-Fathers often arranged marriages for their daughters

-Women were below men and treated as such

-It was not uncommon for women to be beaten and divorce was rare

- Women greatly supported the man

- Their job was shopping cooking and cleaning maintaining the personal garden

- When having children, people preferred to have a son

- Inheritance went to eldest son

- A younger son didn’t have as many privileges would either live with older brother or leave and become servants merchants or soldiers.


-Education in the middle ages was not common.

-Only the sons of higher class people could attend school.

-Girls were homeschooled by parents.

-Classes differed from teacher to teacher.

-Education in schools was done by monks, and not everyone could write.

-The focus of most schools was memorization.