Animal Farm

Nikolai Parra


Boxer is a strong and admirable animal. He is always working at his best. Also he uses his tremendous muscles to help other animals. He always says that he will work harder. So you can count on him to work at his very best.

Theme - Dangers of Being Uneducated

The theme of "dangers of being uneducated" is that the animals wouldn't know what to do. As in when they are going to go work when they are old enough or when they get there they won't be able to do anything at all.

Napoleon Takes Over the Farm

When Napoleon takes over the farm it becomes horrible for the animals. There are changes in the rules, way of living, and how they work. Napoleon over exaggerated everything. He killed animals that talked to Snowball and he tried made the hens give up their eggs. He also made the pigs look way better than the rest of the animals, they would walk on their hind legs, get more food, and get more nutrition in their food.

Napoleon = Stalin

Stalin got rid of Lenin, like Napoleon got rid of Snowball.
Animal Farm Beasts of England song