Weekly Update

Week of May 16

News and Announcements

1. Please make your decision on whether or not you will be purchasing spring pictures. I need to turn in the class order ASAP. If you are paying check or cash please include it in the white envelope that was included in the pictures. If you are paying online please fill out the white envelope with the online order confirmation number. If you have any questions about ordering spring pictures please let me know!

2. Uniform free day is May 27th. Please make sure your child is wearing proper uniform outfits each day!!

3. Monday May 30th is Memorial Day. There will be no school that day.

The Great Egg Drop

On June 6th here at school during the day there will be a Great Egg Drop Competition. Students will be asked to create a device that will hold an egg and be dropped from 3 meters. The winner will be judged on whether or not the egg is broken and the lightest contraption.

More information: Read below to learn about The Great Egg Drop that will be on Monday, June 6. Will you have the lightest device to protect the egg? The winner will receive a trophy!

The Great Egg Drop

Can you build the lightest device to protect an egg dropped from 3 meters?

1. Design and build a device that will protect an egg when it is dropped from a distance of 3 meters.

2. You may use any recyclable materials.

3. Your raw egg will be placed in a baggie and loaded into your device at school.

4. Devices are due by June 6. The Great Egg Drop will take place on Monday, June 6.

5. If the egg survives, the device will be weighed, and the smallest mass wins!

Suggested Materials:

straws, popsicle sticks, tape, paper, glue, boxes, plastic containers, cotton balls, paper towels, plastic bags

Field Day

Thursday June 2nd is Field Day. Our field day time will be 8:45-11:00. If you are interested in helping with one of the rotation please email Jennifer.rinker@cabarrus.k12.nc.us She would appreciate any help she can get!

Box Tops

All Box Tops will be collected on June 3rd! Please keep collecting your boxtops up until June 3rd.

Last Day of School

The last day of school is June 8th. That day will be an early dismissal for all students. In honor of the last day of school I would like to provide students with breakfast. We will eat and reminisce about the year! A sign up to help with the food will be sent closer to the date.

This week:

Social Studies: We will be working on a PBL where students need to act as the City Council. The students will need to make a decision about whether or not to allow a new housing development to be built in an area where a wetland is located. Students will also learn about cultures and how each family is unique. They will learn about how countries around the world celebrate birthdays.

Reading: We will be reading nonfiction in class. This week we will look at how an author organizes a book in regards to the main idea of the text. Students will need to be able to summarize a section of a nonfiction book. The students will have a discussion about what they think the author's message is of a nonfiction book and why they wrote that book.

Math: This week's work is a review of skills learned in the beginning of the year but with numbers to 1,000. They will write numbers in different forms (expanded, standard, word and in pictures). They will need to be able to compare and order numbers to 1,000.

Writing: Students will be writing a scientific book using mentor text. We will complete an experiment and look at how a scientist would publish his/her findings from doing the experiment.


Read 20 minutes

Math Sheet

Response: Tell bout your favorite part in the book and explain why it was your favorite part.