Hammer Killer Case

By: Madi Pickett and Drew Johnson

Case Explanation

Marissa Devault is on trial for killer her husband with a hammer, but her stories never stayed the same and they didn't match the blood spatter evidence at the crime scene.


Although her stories didn't exactly match up with each other, the blood spatter evidence remains the same, his is the evidence that caused her to change her stories, because it kept disproving her side of the story.

Our Verdict

We believe she is guilty of murder

The reasons why are; first of all why would she have a hammer just sitting in her bedside table? That tells us that she was ready for what happened to her and this murder was premeditated. Secondly, if it was self-defense then she wouldn't have had to kill that man just knock him out or make sure that he couldn't do anything to her anymore, but in her trial she stated that fact that she couldn't stop hitting him, and that could have been because of bloodlust.