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QR Codes in Classrooms

QR Codes...they are everywhere. They are on cereal boxes, shampoo bottles, McDonald's bags...but never more interesting than when used in the classroom. These black and white speckled boxes are secretly hiding valuable information and they are very intriguing to your students. They instantly link you to a document, a website, a video, a voice file, and more. The uses are limitless...check them out!
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QR CODE - Content-rich Resume

Getting to Know Your Students in a New Way

How's this for a spark? What if your students used this idea to speak as a historical figure or express a book character's point of view? What if you used this as a way to get to know your students? What if students used this idea to express their views about a certain topic you are studying? What if they spoke as a doctor/nurse would about something they learned while studying the human body? How would this look in your classroom?

How do I make a QR Code Scavenger Hunt for my classroom???

This is so won't believe it! Just click on the link below...and type in your questions. These can be questions from your textbook that come at the end of a chapter...or from a quiz ...or even that worksheet you have used for years. Just type them in...hit the generate button...print them off...and hang them up around your classroom. Instantly your students are engaged.

Check out her excitement....

Using QR Codes in the Classroom

Science Teachers...what if you could have an interactive periodic table?

You can! As students click on each element QR Code, a video appears with a scientist explaining that element. Pretty neat, huh? The best's already made. You and your students just get to benefit from it.
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If you want to actually use this in your this link and print. You could even take a copy of this picture to a place like Office Depot or Copies N Ink and they will make it into a poster for you. Click on this link and scan it to see the videos for yourself. Pretty neat!

If they can do could you use QR Codes in your classroom?

Let Me Hear From You...

Want to give this a try? You will be shocked at how easy this is and how much your students will love it. Let me hear from you if you need my help...or if you are using QR Codes in your you are using them. Every single one of you - regardless of what grade or content area you teach - can use this. Go for it!!!