SMS Horn Band-Demic

Week 4: April 6-9

Week 4 Words from Mr. Wood

Hey brass! I hope you had a great weekend! This week is a shorter week and this week is pretty much the same as last- continue to make progress on your solo. Looking ahead, on week 6 (4/20-4/24) of eLearning I am going to ask each of you to log-in to have an individual 10min. zoom session with me to work on our solo.

The only new things this week is to be sure to look at our google drive for pep tunes. This is more for May, but if you are wanting new music- there is plenty of it! Also be sure to check out the rhythm videos Ms. Hoffman and I put together for you below.

Stay safe and let me know if you need anything!

Big picture

Instagram Live

If you are on Instagram be sure to follow @staleyband as I am going to start doing live videos. I would encourage you to have your instrument close by and practice along. If you miss it you should still be able to view the archived video and I will also start linking practice videos on youtube in the coming weeks for those families that do not utilize instagram.

Solo Practice

Use the videos below to help with your solo practice! Be sure to click on the correct video for your instrument. If you need to review something just pause the video and practice along with me! If you have any questions please email

Because so many students are having a difficult time posting to canvas there is no need to post this week- but try to aim for at least 5 days of practice!

Horn Solo- pg 36 mm1-23
Horn Solo- pg 37 mm34- end
Horn Solo with accompaniment (full)

Rhythm Duet pg. 29

Pg. 29 mm1-6
Pg 29 mm7-end

Pep Rally

In May we are going to start looking at pep tunes! The best way to access them is at THIS LINK. Note that there are a lot of folders and music options. The easiest way to get to YOUR music is by choosing the pdf with your instrument (large). The primary focus in may will be Spiderman, Go Northwestern Go (our fight song) and the Hey song. Beginning Band can also look at Crunch Time- which was added to the packet later so it can be found at THIS LINK. Don't worry too much about this music- this is just for fun right now!