August 3, 2020

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Message from Mrs. Taormina

Dear Oster Community,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new families as well as those that are returning to Oster. I'm sure a mix of anticipation, excitement, and nervousness sum up how most of us are feeling as we head into a truly unique and unprecedented year of school. While the staff and I want nothing more than to return to school as normal, we're busy preparing and looking forward to the challenge of providing a strong virtual school experience for all of our Oster families.

Later this week classroom assignments will be emailed to parents. While it is not likely, please note that student schedules can fluctuate as enrollment changes, and the need to balance classes may arise. Please trust that we have worked diligently to place each child based on teaching style, combinations of students, and student needs. If you have a concern with your child's placement we ask that you wait two weeks before you reach out to the office. As a general rule, we are not able to accept requests to have students placed in the same class so that outside learning arrangements (i.e. pods) can be formed. There are several class placement and equity issues that stem from the formation of pods. While they can be beneficial (and I certainly understand the appeal), it is not something we can promote or endorse.

I want to thank each of you in advance for partnering with us on this journey. I feel truly blessed to be a part of a community that supports our students and teaching staff and I look forward to the new learning ahead.


Mrs. Taormina

Welcome Back Zoom with Mrs. Taormina

Mark your calendars! Mrs. Taormina will be hosting grade level Q&A for parents on Friday, August 7, 2020. The times are as follows:

TK/Kinder Parents: 1:00-1:45 pm

1st-3rd Grade Parents: 9:00-9:45 am

4th-5th Grade Parents: 10:30-11:15 am

Zoom links will be shared Friday morning

Drive-By: Pick up of School Materials

Drive-By: Pick up

All grades will have a scheduled time to pick up materials and workbooks.

To make the process run smoothly and keep a safe social distance, a schedule by grade has been created. Only the specified grade levels will be served during each time frame. If you have students in more than one grade/class, please come during the “missed appointments” time slot (this will save you from multiple trips).

Directions for pick-up/ drop off:

  1. Please make a sign at home with your child. (Consider this a distance learning art activity: Signs should contain student’s name and teacher name. It will be ok to bring your student and they can wave and say hi from the car. We would love to see our students, even if just from the car window.

  2. Please follow signage and directions from staff members in the driveway. NO PARKING.

  3. Families must stay in the vehicle at all times.

  4. A staff member/teacher will deliver your items.

  5. Cars should pull up as families leave and pop open the trunk if possible.

  6. We will place the bag in your trunk and close it so you can leave.

  7. Once you have received your items, depart just like you do at pickup/dropoff.

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Distance Learning

Most likely, the biggest question is "What will distance learning look like?" Below, I'm re-sharing the information below regarding distance learning.

  • The state of California has now set instructional minutes, attendance, and grading requirements that we must adhere to.
  • As such, distance learning will look different than in the spring and will include a combination of live and pre-recorded instruction, small group instruction, class, and individual student check-in, and increased feedback and communication.
  • When USD schools physically reopen, families can still choose to remain with the distance-learning format.
  • Virtually meeting with teachers/service providers/principals prior to and in the initial weeks of school.

As we start the school year in distance learning, your child's teacher will be building the foundational skills for success in the new online format. The first few weeks of school will focus on relationship building, virtual classroom etiquette, social and emotional wellness, basic technology skills and routines and expectations. Teachers will build student stamina in the online learning space and establish a strong foundation from which to move forward with academic instruction. Please understand and expect this in the first days and weeks of school.

The Kinder - 5th grade schedules are below.

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Technology/Device Request Information

We are working diligently to prepare for home computing device distribution. Device distributions will be scheduled for August 5 - 7. If you have submitted a device request for this school year, please watch your email this week for specifics of when your device will be ready for pickup.

If you still need to request a home computing device, here is the device request information: ALL students should retrieve their devices from school to use at home. Device requests for the 2020-21 school year will be processed from the http://bit.ly/usd-chromebook request form. You will be contacted with pickup information once a form has been submitted for your student.

Note for Incoming 2nd graders: Families will be contacted via email for a time to exchange any previous iPad device checkouts for a new district-issued Chromebook.

If you need internet services for home, please click here for more information on resources available: http://bit.ly/usdinternet