costal landforms

whats we really thought

The beach and the erosion

we learnt the beach was not just a beach it had parts to it. there was such things as a berm and a secondary dunes. I found fascinating was that the some roads are made out the dune. overall I rated this part of the topic a 8/10

the erosin on the hand was really borring it was just write down things after things. one thing I did lean was that rock pool were formed be attrition overall I rate this part of the topic a 6/10

The excursion

the time was 8:30 and we were all eager to get to the beach. we would be heading to the beautiful ti-tree bay and sunshine beach. todays we would learn about coastal landforms such as berm and the frontal dunes. we also learnt about erosional process such as attrition, hydraulic action, abrasion and of course corrosion as the end of the days closed in on us our heads were full of knowledge ready to be used in our assignments.

overall i enjoyed this terms work in humanties it fun, exiting but we still worked hard