The Taiga is located in North America, Europe, and Asia.


There are LONG, COLD Winters and wet Summers. In the Winter, there are very chilly winds fron the arctic that causes very bitterly cold winters in the Taiga. Winter days are short and summer days are long. Are you wondering why this happens? Well, it is because the tilt of the earth on its axis. Fires aren't uncommon in the Taiga in the Summer. Precipitation is mostly high in the Taiga. There is rain in the summer, and snow in the Winter. The total yearly precipitation is 10-30 inches.

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In the Taiga, plants are very rare. There are not very much plants in a Taiga. There are trees in a Taiga but not much of other plants. The kinds of trees in a Taiga are:
  • Conifer (also known as an Evergreen Tree) Trees
  • Cone-Bearing Trees

The soil in the Taiga is very thin and not very nutrient. This soil is the opposite of Iowa's farming soil.

Unique characteristics of biome

  1. The average annual temperature range is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Annual precipitation is 12-33 inches.
  3. The Taiga's latitude range is 50 degree latitude north of the Arctic Circle.
  4. The Taiga biome has two seasons:

  • Winter
  • Summer

The winters are very cold and long, and the summers are wet.

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