Language Class!

Join our class everyday at 12:03

Join the best language class ever!

Since were the best, we learn the best such as DLR, Flocabulary, Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, Writing, and many other things. I would much rather have these classes then the alternative.

Class starts everyday at 12:03!

Learn the best with the best!

Mrs. Knodle and Mrs. Heldibrant. They'll help you anytime you need it!!

Guaranteed to be educational and fun at the same time!

Frequently asked questions.

Where is it? When is it? Why do we have it?

Upstairs in Mrs. Knodles class . Everyday at 12:03, at fifth hour. We have it because we need to learn english for writing and other things. Also its very fun.

We are learning a lot.

Look above to see what we learn.