Career Change

Process to Changing Your Career

If you are laid off from your job because they go out of business, or if you're fired, First thing you can ask them is if they will help you look for a new job. If they decline, then you're on your own.

Steps to Finding a Job

The first thing to do while hunting for a job is to ask around to friends and family, sometimes they give you the bet information. If that fails, then any place you go to, a store, restaurant, new town, just ask around, maybe they will have some new information you haven't heard yet.
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Job hunting can be very difficult depending on the time of the year. Asking certain employees about certain jobs, and to see if they can get you on, or at least an interview with the manager.

What Next?

Put in applications every you go. Whether it's what you want or not, what ever job you get hired to will help until you can get in on a job you went to school for, or did training for.