Summer Reading

Let The Journey Begin

Did You Know?

Summer is a great time to start that novel you've always wanted to read, but just haven't had the time. Did you know that reading during the summer can significantly improve your reading skills? Instead of losing knowledge during those lazy, hot, summer days reading will help you gain new knowledge. The good news is that you can pick anything to read that interest you. It doesn't matter what you choose to read, it's just important to do it!

Books Take You Places When You're Stuck At Home

Take A Journey

Books are great escapes that can take you on many journeys to places you may never get to experience otherwise. Whether you enjoy Sci-Fy, Realistic Fiction, Romance, Horror, Fantasy, or Non-Fiction, books can take you to worlds you never knew existed.
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Sizzlin' Summer Reads!

Video: How Fiction Makes Our Brains Better

How Fiction Makes Our Brains Better

6 Tips To Make Time For Reading

  • If you're an early riser, read in the morning before your daily activities begin.
  • Leave a book in the bathroom.
  • Traveling this summer? Use the long commute time to dive into a good book. You'll be amazed how fast time will fly.
  • If an hour is too long, set aside just a half-hour of daily reading.
  • If you're not interested after the first 50 pages, stop reading until you find something you will enjoy.
  • Figure out a movie you want to see, and then read the book first.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Books

  • Read the book as if the author is speaking to you and you alone.
  • Write down ideas you get from each chapter.
  • Write down the main ideas you get from the book.
  • Take notes as you read.
  • Take action steps towards a goal when you read something that inspires you.
  • Write down inspirational quotes that speak to you & post them in places you'll see them.

Rate Your Books

Rate the books you've read using Read Geek. When you finish a book be sure to rate it on Read Geek.

Take The Challenge

The summer challenge is to read at least 5 books that interest you.
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Honors & AP English Summer Reading Assignments 2016-2017