CIES Wednesday Envelope

for Elementary Staff--February 10th, 2016

In this issue:

  • Vocabulary/Word Study Input - Flipped Presentation
  • Flocabulary 60-Day District Trial Link
  • How to Bring ‘More Beautiful’ Questions Back to School

Vocabulary/Word Study Input

During our February System Staff Development time at sites, your SDAS will be sharing information regarding an additional vocabulary/word study curriculum purchase for 2016-2017. Below is the flipped version of the presentation. This presentation includes an opportunity to offer feedback in the spring on both curriculums in consideration. Please take a few minutes to view the presentation and inform yourself of the opportunity - if you have not already done so with your SDAS.
Vocabulary/Word Study Input

Flocabulary District Trial Information and Links to Videos

Here are the links to the videos referenced in the presentation:

For those who are interested in exploring the features of Flocabulary, please follow this link to the 60-Day District Trial.

If you do not see your school as an option when you sign up, please select another school for the trial period. Your school may not be listed because they either already have a school wide account OR there are a few teachers that have an account. Selecting another school for this trial period should not cause a problem.

How to Bring ‘More Beautiful’ Questions Back to School

Curiosity is baked into the human experience. Between the ages of 2 and 5, kids ask on average 40,000 questions, said Warren Berger, author of “A More Beautiful Question,” at the Innovative Learning Conference hosted at the Nueva School. Young kids encounter something new, learn a little bit about it, get curious and then continue to add on a little more information with each new discovery. Warren says that’s where curiosity happens, in the gap between learning something and being exposed to something new.

Click here to read the article from Mind/Shift

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