Google docs

Kellie Roth

Google docs

Google docs is an easy way to make presentations, documents, spreadsheets, and much more. It is an easy way to make things that you can access from everywhere. You can work on a project at school, and then finish it at home! I LOVE google docs and think it works great for working on projects at home and school.


Have you ever wanted to make a website? Now with google docs it is easy! Click on sites and create your own website. Go to manage site and change all the colors, fonts, etc. Add pages to expand your site. These are very fun and easy to make, and work great for projects.

Adding Pictures in Google Sites

In Google Sites, to add a picture, you have to upload it. To do this go to edit, insert, and then click image. You can change the size and what side you want the picture on by clicking on it and going through the options below it.


You can organize all of your of your documents by making folders to put them in. Click on the folder with a plus on it at the top and label your folder. To add documents to your folder you click the document so there is a check mark by it and then click the folder button.