September Issue 2019

Coordinator's Corner

The Honeymoon stage is officially over! MNCAPS students have been immersed in the experiential learning environment for over a month now and core elements of the program are in action; company-sponsored projects, collaboration, rigorous and relevant academic experiences, guest instructors, and site visits. Observing the "struggle" within our students as they adjust to our community is a reminder for the important role we play in embracing student agency and providing them with the skills and abilities to own the learning process. Thankfully for our students, their "struggle" occurs in the midst of a community of adults who are ready to assist them with the process.

Speaking of our community of adults, we need to add individuals to it! Our growth requires us to find additional mentors, guest instructors, site visits, and project sponsors. Details about each role are provided below:

Guest Instructor

Time Commitment: 1 hour

Guest instructors deliver content based on learning objectives affiliated with our curriculum. They add context to our content.

Site Visits

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours

A similar commitment to item #1, however, our students would visit the business/organization rather than an individual coming to us.


Time Commitment: 2 hours per month. (One face-to-face meeting with the student per month. One email/text per week.)

Mentors provide our students with the opportunity to develop a professional relationship, enhance communication skills, and shed light on the power of networking.

Project Sponsor

Time Commitment: 3 hours (minimum) within an 8-10 week time frame.

Project sponsors provide a group of 4-5 students with a research-based project. A project that will add value to the company/organization that they might not have the time, money, or expertise to focus on due to other responsibilities.

If you are interested in serving in any of these roles, please reach out to me directly! (Erik Sill:

Healthcare Year 1 Students Host A TASTE of Healthcare: Career Investigation Event

Taste of Healthcare

Students have investigated and researched many different healthcare careers and presented their findings in a Job Fair format. Thank you to all who were able to attend our event!

More from HR DAY

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Business Student Spotlight - Jon Jones

Jon Jones is a senior at Farmington High School. Jon is the Business Student of the Month because he has shown a constant desire to learn, and he genuinely wants to improve and push himself and his peers to the next level. Jon is a leader, is intrinsically motivated, and is always prepared at MNCAPS. Jon is a true asset to the program!

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Healthcare Student Spotlight - Olivia Soukup

Olivia Soukup is a senior at Prior Lake High School who is in her second year of the Healthcare Pathway at MNCAPS. She participants on the Prior Lake Dance Team and volunteers in the youth ministry at church as well as HOMS. Olivia hopes to study Kinesiology and Physiology at a 4-year university, and then get accepted into a Physician's Assistant program. The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is on Olivia's short list for potential school. Olivia commits to all aspects of the MNCAPS program and leads by example. We are lucky to have her as a second year Healthcare student.

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MNCAPS Give Back Night at Charlie's on Prior

Monday, Oct. 14th, 4-10pm

3950 Green Heights Trail Southwest

Prior Lake, MN

Monday, October 14th 4pm-10pm (kitchen closes at 9pm)

MNCAPS Merchandise for students

Five apparel options available in multiple colors as well as a messenger bag and backpack.

NorthFace Quarter Zips in Unisex or Ladies Fit options, Nike Polos and Sport Tek Polos and Quarter Zips. All apparel items are approved for smart-casual days.

All apparel items will have an embroidered Left Chest MNCAPS logo in all WHITE stitching.

Samples available for sizing at the MNCAPS front desk.

Deadline for ordering is Tuesday, October 15th at 3:00 PM.

Items will be delivered and disbursed to staff and students at MNCAPS (Approximately 4 weeks after deadline)

order at