Jazmyn Harvey

Veterinarian job description

The Veterinarian job deals with agriculture through the medicines used on many animals. In this career, the veterinarians use many different types of medicines, which uses many plants, which is a part if agriculture. Many things that the vets use include agriculture. Farmers harvest plants that could be used in medicine for the vets and doctors.

Education and Pay for Veterinarians


The average pay for a vet is from around $53,000 to $86,000. The high salary is $149,000. The average vet earns about $38 dollars an hour. In big cities, vets can make up to $70 dollars an hour. Vet Assistants make about $25-$35 an hour.


For Veterinarians, your education varies. If you want to be the actual vet, you will need a 4 year degree and your vet license. If you want to be a Vet Assistant you will need a 4 year degree but the license is not required. You can start in high school by taking Health Science classes and then move into college doing the main classes required to be a Vet.