The Human Body

How is it affected by Space?

what happens when you first get to space?

-You get weaker

-your heart slows down

-your Fitness suffers

-You lose bone

-Your immune system suffers

On Earth, for example, the veins in our legs work against gravity to get blood back to the heart. Without gravity, however, the heart and blood vessels change – and the longer the flight, the more severe the changes.

what happens when you land

  1. Skeletal muscles have the ability to adapt to different purposes and the different loads placed on them, a quality known as plasticity.

  2. Right after I landed, I could feel the weight of my lips and tongue and I had to change how I was talking," Hadfield said in the press conference, which was broadcast on the Canadian Space Agency's website May 16. "I hadn't realized that I learned to talk with a weightless tongue."

canadian astronuts

do you suffer body trama after space?


Astronauts have typically lost from 0.4 to 1% of their bone density per month in space, the Canadian Space Agency says. You do not gain this loss of bone back, depending on how long your there the worse it gets

Chris Hadfield on how eyesight is affected in space

could humans evole to survive in space

How humans could evolve to survive in space | Lisa Nip

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most of my info is of the ISS site or that I learned from watching tons of videos