Southwest and Central Asia Project

By: Taylor Emerson

Natural Resources

Definition: Materials or substances such as minerals, forests, water, and fertile land that occur in nature

Natural Resources in Southwest & Central Asia: Natural resources such as oil and water in Sw & Central Asia, are becoming scarce because of so much consumption. Because of this scarcity, countries are going to war. Some countries own more oil than other countries, ex Saudi Arabia and Iran own alot of oil. Fun Fact: Sw & Central Asia has 651.3 billion more barrels of oil than the U.S does! The country also uses more oil than any other continent!

Natural Gas

Definition: Flammable gas occuring naturally underground, often associated with petroleum; used as fuel.

Natural Gas in Sw & Central Asia: Natural Gas has advanced the region, powering steel, textile, and electricity in some various countries. This natural gas occurs naturally and can be used as petroleum ( fuel) to power the things listed above!

Geothermal Energy

Definition: Thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth

Geothermal Energy in Sw & Central Asia: Geothermal Energy plays a big role in meeting electricity demands. According to listed below states "The world Banks Global Geothermal Development Plan" are creating projects and are preparing Sw & Central Asia for Geothermal plants.


Definition: relating to the generation of electricity using flowing water to power a turbine that powers a generator. Ex; A reservoir held behind a dam or other burrier to power a turbine that powers a generator.

Hydroelectricity in Sw & Central Asia: According to, it states that Asia's water resources are used for many different ways, such as generating hydroelectricity and irrigating crops. Water is important for many Asian regions that are extremely arid such as Sw & Central Asia.

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