Year 3

Snack Box Homework!

Choose a drink....

These thirst-quenching homework activities have a topic flavour! The deadline for these activities is Friday 6th February.

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Water (create a diorama)

Learning Objective: To imagine, create and describe a story setting in space.

Week 1 - Research

Find out some imaginary planets to give you some ideas. This week you will need to think about (and plan) what your planet will look like. Will it be an underwater planet? A desert planet? Will there be buildings? Will it have peculiar plant life? Will there be water? Will there be volcanoes? How will it be similar or different to planet Earth? Let your imagination run wild.

Have a look at some Star Wars planets to give you some ideas.

Tip: Drawing your ideas might help!

Week 2 - Create a diorama

Use this website to learn how to make a diorama of your imaginary planet.

Milk (pack a suitcase)

Learning Objective: To understand what living in space would be like.

Week 1 - Research

Use the ESA kids website to find out what living in space is really like.

Make some notes about the kind of experiences that astronauts have and think about what you would pack if you were going into outer space.

Week 2 - Pack a suitcase

Imagine you are going to visit the International Space Station. Think carefully about the things you will need to survive and stay entertained. What would you pack in your suitcase?

For this homework you could pack a real suitcase and bring it in to school, pack a real suitcase and bring a photo of the contents into school or, if you are not able to pack a real suitcase, you can draw and label a picture of what you would pack. Be ready to explain your ideas to the rest of the class.

Juice (make a menu)

Learning Objectives: To research the typical foods an astronaut would eat.

Week 1

Research what kind of foods astronauts eat in space using the National Space Centre's website and video. Talk with your Mum and Dad about some of the things you have found out. You might need to ask them some questions!

Week 2

Use what you have found out to create a menu for an astronaut. You can choose how you present your work. However, you will need to be able to explain your choices.