About Rwanda genocide

the real facts

Rwanda genocide

The Rwanda Genocide started in 1994 and over 800,000 people died in 100 days. Just imagine if the Rwanda Genocide didn’t end probably all of the hutus would be killed by now. The Rwanda Genocide ended on April 6, 1994 after 100 days of terror. People couldn’t sleep because they were afraid that they would be killed in their sleep. They were afraid to walk in the street for if they did they thought they would be killed.

It took a long time to rebuild and to make new friends. The biggest thing was to forgive those that have killed your family and friend you had before the Genocide. For some people it took years and for others they never forgave their enemies.

dates and facts

In 2006 Rwanda was the world’s highest proportion of females in government positions in proportion to the population.They settled the territory at the Tutsi kingdom for the population in the eighteenth-century of Tutsi.In 2008 Rwanda and Tutsi battled,and 500,000 to 1 milloin people died in the battle.

help prevent genocide

That we should treat people equal. Don’t make it were one race is the superior to the other races. Don't say that people are animals and don't need to in the world because the are a different race. Don't make other people make you get you food or water and get nothing in return. To make a law that everyone is equal and that not just one races that are superior then others.