3 Places You Must Go Before You Die

By: Tina Le

The Netherlands

The Netherlands, located in North-Western Europe, is commonly known for its Dutch culture. If you're looking for a place with amazing city views, the Netherlands is the perfect place for you. Along with beautiful sights, the Netherlands have over 165 heart-stopping canals! And who could forget about the tulip fields? This breathtaking view is definitely somewhere to go if visiting the Netherlands.


Canada, located in the northern part of North America, is a place you would not waste a single second in. In addition to its commonly known maple syrup, its beautiful Niagara Falls and festivities are perfect for families! Lastly, the famous Aurora Borealis is an astonishing view you would not want to miss! Colors filling up the sky leave people in awe.

Paris, France

Paris, France, located in South-Western Europe, is one of the biggest tourism places worldwide. Of course many people know Paris for its The Eiffel Tower, but there's so much more to this wondrous city. Paris, France is the perfect place to go with your family because of its stunning views. While going sightseeing, maybe make a pit stop and enjoy some French food in one of France's 5-star restaurants. Let's not forget shopping! Take a break and roam around in one of France's malls. Whether its going with your family or friends, Paris is a sight that will never leave you mind!