My Hobie


My passion (:

  • I would say it is a matter of interest. For a lot of people cars are a hobby or a business. Cars involve engineering, design, manufacture, maintenance and performance. Cars from manufacture to disposal are a huge part of our economy and reflect our taste and interests, our position in life, and possibly our income level. Your lack of interest in these areas are pretty normal if you fail to realize how important vehicles are in the conduct of our lives.

Is not the car is vibe you get :p

It's all about someone's interest. A lot of people out there see a car as just a form of transportation. To some guys, cars are so much more than that. I can't get enough of them. I can strip 'em down and rebuild them forever and never get bored of it because it's what I love to do. It's like a kid and his video games. It's all about your interest. While some people may love spending time getting drunk at teenage parties, or shopping at the mall, people like me love spending time under the hood of a car. It's understandable for you not to see why we love doing it because half the time, I don't understand why a lot of others do what they do.