Gupta Empire



The Gupta Medicine. This picture is of a man doing Ayurveda, This practice is the oldest form of medicine. There are 300,000 Ayurveda trained doctors. This practice has spread around the world. They also practice Massage to make sure the three Doshas balanced. That is ancient Gupta Medicine.


The Gupta Mathematics. This picture is of a Zero this represents The Idea the Indian Scholars had to add the numeral Zero. They also had the idea of the Decimal System which we use today. That is what this picture represents.


The Gupta Technology. This picture represents Metallurgy. This is form of building they where very skilled in this type of work. this type of metal structure would have not been built until the later 19th century. That is Gupta Technology.


The Gupta Religion. This picture represents Buddhism. Buddhism is the religion the Gupta's had they founded this religion when there king saw all of the sick poor and dead people. He gave up his Luxuries live and sat under tree for 49 days meditating to find his enlightenment. That is Gupta Religion.