Lily Rodlund

The Monster and Santa Claus

One winter day 5 days away from Christmas there was a monster he had purple fur with green and pink hair he was the coolest monster ever and his name is so cool his name has never been used in monster history his name is..Drum roll please…Fred don’t you just love it! On that Thursday 5 days away from Christmas Fred said to everyone in Monster University “I’m going to the North Pole!” and what did Fred do he went to the Monster City airport and got on the best Monster plane and flew to the North Pole. Finally Fred at last was there he was so happy he was jumping with joy. So Fred starting walking.. And walking he said it felt like he walked for 7 days but really it was only 5 minutes. Fred was there he didn’t know what to do first but finally he did first Fred went and made some hot coco and out some poison in and went up to Santa and said “Drink this I’m sure you’ll love It.” With the biggest smirk on his face so Santa drank it and finally passed out on the floor so Fred took his clothes off put the big red suit on put Santa In the closet and he was Santa! First Fred had to go to a meeting he didn’t know anything that was going on but finally that meeting as over and he was sweating like crazy then an elf named Christmas came up to his with the maddest face Fred has ever seen and said “Would you like some coco?” Fred had the most surprising look on his face and said “Sure I would love that thank you!” so the elf gave him the coco and walked away and said “And get Santa out of the closet.”

So monster took off the outfit got Santa out of the closet and Santa said “You are on the naughty list for a long time!!” Fred had the saddest face on so Santa said “what’s wrong?” Fred said “I just wanted to be Santa for the day I’m really sorry hope you can forgive me.” Santa said “Wait, I can it was just a thing that happens your off the naughty list and would you like to be my top monster elf?” Fred said “OMG no way I would loveeeee to I have to call rosie,tom,Susie,frank….. Thank you so much.” “No problem now get to work!”


The theme is be Yourself everyone else is taken.