Shanice Kwo


My family are the most loving, open hearted, and strong people I know. We know we'd do anything for each other at any moment. Like any family we all have our flaws, but we don't let minor problems tear us apart.


I enjoy family, friends, humor, music, making plans or schedules, learning about new people, traveling, and relaxation. A career which reflect may these interest is an Event Planner.

Personality Traits

My personality can be described as Caring, Determined, and a Thinker. My Holland personality traits result was SIE, meaning I am a social, investigative, and enterprising person. My Myers Briggs result was INFP meaning that I believe in peace and harmony. These traits would give me the following careers; Author, Midwife, and Physical Therapist.


I am good at School, Helping Others, Dancing, Singing, and Martial Arts. Possible careers for these skills are teaching and creating musician.

Multiple Intelligence

My strongest multiple intelligence is Musical and Intrapersonal Strength. Careers that match these strengths are Musicians and Detectives.


My top three values are Faith, Family, and Joy. My top three work values are determination, adaptation, and dependability.

Career Cluster

My top career clusters are Transportation, Human Services, and Health Science. Corresponding carers for these clusters are Pediatrician, Social worker, or Lodging Manger.


My activities at school include Select Choir, Science Bowl, and talking with friends.

Activities I'm involved in out of school are Dance, Cultural Clubs, and Social Events.

Ways To Improve

Three ways I could improve as a person is by being more extroverted, learn to relax more, and to cope with stress.

Its All Good

Three things that never fail to make my day are enjoying time with family and friends, completing challenging achievements/goals, and helping others.


My Future

Someday I'm going to graduate from college, move out of Arkansas, have a career, help others in need, and start a family.