Slavery in America

By: Taylor Hogan

Life as a Slave

Africans were transported over by ships to the United States. They came over to help the US with their crops. Their lives were very hard as slaves. The slaveholders were brutal, but the worst part of slavery was the fear of being sold away from their loved ones. Slavery lasted about 200 years. The Emancipation Proclamation was suppose to free all slaves, it didn't end slavery but it allowed African Americans to go fight for union freedom.

Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was a way to help slaves escape, but none of the owners knew it was there. Harriet Tubman was a women who was a slave and then escaped. After she escaped she went back and help free other slaves. After taking 19 trips she freed over 300 slaves. The reward if anyone found her was $40,000.


Slaves used music a lot but they needed to make sure that their owners didn't know they knew how to spell or write. They often sang about freedom and their daily lives. They also sang about how to escape and which direction to go in.