Jasmyne Austin


So my name is Jasmyne Austin, and I go to Osage Trail Middle School. I'm in 8th grade. I get A's and B's. My favorite subject is ELA, because it is so easy for me, especially since I love reading. I'm not a fan of Math and Science. Mostly because it is a little bit challenging, but I manage. I'm nervous for high school, not because It's going to be hard, but because it's so close and everything is going to be different.


I love reading. I don't really have a genre, just whatever looks and sounds interesting. I also love to draw, but on my terms. I don't like Art because we have to do the assignments and in a timely fashion. I would rather draw when I'm feeling inspired and take my time. I love playing softball. I've been playing softball for a long time now, and I just switched teams because out old one was going down hill. The new team name is the Angels. I'm nervous for it, because I don't know anyone, and I don't want to not get along with my teammates.

Friends and Family

I have 4 siblings that I live with. One is Shayne Adkins, he's 17, one is named Justin Jones, but i call him junior, He's 10, and the last one is Salem Bell Jones, she's 3. Yes we all have different last names, but we're related. I have a lot more siblings, 12, but I don't live with them.