Kid's Emotions

Help your child understand emotions and label them.

Why this is Important..

Teaching your kid about their emotions, will not only expand their emotional vocabulary but will help them understand why it is important to know why and how they are feeling.

Once they can label theirs, they can label other's emotions too.

The more they understand about it, the better they can learn to cope or handle their feelings.

This can prevent challenging behavior from happening.

How to help even at home!

Talk to your child about how they are feeling. "Aren't you excited!?"

Also, talk to your child about how others are feeling. "He looks really happy!"

Don't forget about yourself! Tell them how you are. "I am really upset that I burned the cupcakes."

Find books that talk about feelings and emotions and read them to your child.

"Teaching your child about her emotions can be a fun and rewarding experience and prevent challenging behavior occurring in the first place." -Backpack Connection Series

Try practicing it at school!

Get in touch with your child's teacher and ask how they are teaching emotions. Ask for suggestions, and advice. Most feelings are learned at school and with adult help, the children are able to recognize what and how they are feeling.