Battle of Quebec

By Ian Kennedy


Happy New Year! The battle of Quebec was fought on New Years Eve! First, I will tell you who the major generals of this battle are. Secondly, in the battle, I thought that the British had an advantage. Thirdly, the outcome was big for the British army. This was a very important battle in history.


Benedict Arnold and Guy Carleton were the major generals of this battle. Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741, in Norwich, Connecticut. He was a general for the Americans. On the opposite side was guy Carleton. He was born on September 3, 1724, in Strabane, Ireland. Arnold joined the British army at the age of 16. Arnold was known as the man who betrayed his country. There is a term still used today. For example, if someone does something wrong to you or betrays your trust, you could call him a Benedict Arnold. Lastly, Benedict Arnold died on June 14, 1801, in London, England. Guy Carleton was the general of the British troops. He accepted a commission as an ensign in the 25th Regiment of Foot. Later, he died on November 10, 1808. These two men were the important generals from the Battle of Quebec.


This battle did not have the kind of outcome the 13 colonies were looking for. The British knew that America was going to attack them. They knew this because they intercepted messages between Arnold and Montgomery. The date of this battle was December 31, 1775. The conditions weren't very good. The temperature was minus 31 degrees fahrenheit with blizzard conditions. The British had more soldiers. They had 600 more than the Americans. The British were on their territory and knew where everything was. Later, Arnold was shot in the ankle and had to be replaced by Daniel Morgan. After that, the American army didn't last long because of a narrow path and how damp the gun powder was. They finally surrendered at 10 am. This was a major win for the British and a huge loss for the Americans.
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The outcome of this battle favored the British army from the very beginning. It was one of the first major battles that the American army lost. Another horrible thing that had happened was a signifiant number of important casualties, such as Montgomery dying, occurred. Bad things kept happening to the American army, and it didn't get much better. After, Montgomery's death, most of the officers died or were injured. For Great Britain, 5 were killed, 14 were wounded, and none were captured. America had 48 killed, 34 wounded, and a massive 431 were captured. This was the outcome of the battle of Quebec.


I have showed why the battle of Quebec is important. Immediately, I stated important information about the generals of this battle. Next, I provided some of the most important circumstances surrounding affecting the battle. Lastly, I told you the horrible outcome. I hope you enjoyed learning about the Battle of Quebec.


  1. Circumstances: a condition or fact that affects a situation
  2. Intercepted: to stop and take something or someone that is going to one place to another place before it gets there
  3. Significant: large enough to be noticed or have an effect


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