College Fairs & Visits

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Top 20 questions to ask a college

  1. What type of institution is your school?
  2. What are the majors and best programs offered at your school?
  3. What are the entrance requirements at your school (average GPA, Average SAT/ACT, class rank, etc.)?
  4. What is the graduation rate of students at your school?
  5. What is the cost, including tuition, room and board, fees, etc?
  6. What is the average financial aid package?
  7. Is financial aid based on need or on a student's ability?
  8. How and when can I apply to your school and how/when can I apply for your school's financial aid package?
  9. What is the racial/ethnic make up of your student body?
  10. Where is your school located? Are there satellite campuses in other areas?
  11. What is the community like around the school? Is transportation available to nearby places?
  12. Are freshman required to live in a dorm? Where do most upper class students live: on or off campus?
  13. Is tutoring available to students? What about career counseling? Academic advising?
  14. What is your average class size? Are classes taught by professors or by teaching assistants?
  15. What computer facilities does your campus have available for students?
  16. What is the social life like on your campus? Do you have fraternities and sororities?
  17. What student support services are available to students?
  18. Are there competitive sports at your school? Do you have athletic facilities available for student use?
  19. What is the graduation rate for your school?
  20. What makes your school different from other colleges/universities that are similar in size and reputation?

Have a college interview???

Here's help on how to ace that interview. Info on what they might ask, how to prepare and how to answer those questions.

HHS School Counselors

Mrs. Amber Spaeth- Last names A-G

Mrs. Mary Jackson-Last names H-M

Mrs. Carrie Liebermann- Last names N-Z