Nymphs and Naiades

Avery Jones and Hayes Hollis

What were the Naiades?

Naiades were a type of nymph inhabited to the rivers, springs, lakes, marshes, ect.

Why were they important?

Since the Naiades were fresh water nymphs they helped the humans with their need for water. They protected the community's water supply.

What was a Nymph?

Female spirits of the natural world. Goddesses of the forrests, rivers, springs, meadows, mountians, and seas. They protected all land and water and they favored the humans as they helped them. Artemis was a nymph some stories say.

What did they do?

The nymphs protected all of the lands and natural resources. Others served as nurses to the gods. Kind of like a bug because nymphs served their purpose.

Fun fact

The lotus flower was name by a nymph named Lotus. Lotus was the name of the Hotel and casino that Percy ended up at in Vegas.