Are Electric Cars Better?

Katie Bailey

Want to know something, electric cars are a way to slow down global warming. It can help the environment by not blowing as much exhaust like gas cars. Because gas cars when your planting and your garden is near your car, the exhaust is poisoning your plants. (And poison not good for you.) So why don't you by a electric car right now! (But just don't buy electric cars if you can't afford because it's a lot of money.)

Electric cars are a way to make Earth a better place. When your on the highway and you smell that disgusting smell, your smelling exhaust from a gas car or a truck! But when you get an electric car you barley smell anything from the car because your mostly using the battery from your car instead of your engine. What you really need with gas for a electric car is used for the A/C in your electric car. So if your afraid ruining your plants. The electric cars exhaust is harmless.
The electric car needs to be renewed every year. When you have a electric car every year you need to renew it because after a few months it start to break down. But the technology needs renewed to. Still but at least you were safe with your kids in your car. And in a few car companies they give you a 5% savings for a next car you by.
Electric cars use way less gas than a gas car does. Electric cars have small gas engine because it is used for a/c. In an electric car you should use less than ten gallons of gas. Every week you should go two times per two weeks. So by my knowledge you should spend $15.00 per month. But per year you shoul spend at least $200.00. That's a lot of saving up you can do.

But on the other hand of the electric car, scientists think that they are a bad idea to get. Every 3-5 years with the electric car you have to switch out your battery. With that you spend $100-$200 dollars. But if you charge your car that's a lot of money for the Electric Bill. And just to let you know people your car has to charge for ten hours!

So, these are my reasons you should get an electric car instead of a gas car. They make the Earth a cleaner place. They're renewable. And because they use way less gas than a gas car. So, do you want an electric car. Do you want Earth a cleaner place, well buy any electric car today.


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