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Michelle Riddle - Star Specialist

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for supporting my EVER Skincare business. I know there are lots of skincare options out there, and I appreciate you giving Ever a try. I hope you are loving it as much as I am!

We're 90 days into the launch of the 3rd brand of the Stella & Dot Family, EVER Skincare, and things are growing at a record pace thanks to wonderful customers like you! We hit the $1 million in sales mark just before the end of April, just 70+ days after our soft launch! EVER customers have seen phenomenal results and hundreds of women (and a few men)are having huge success with their own small businesses from this great ground floor opportunity.

If you are almost out of your favorite products or want to try the rest of the line, please get in touch with me to place your order. When ordering within 60 days of your last order, you will get 10% off and free shipping off your next order! If you want to share the products with some friends over coffee or wine, you can earn free and discounted product.

I will be honest and tell you that while I have always supported direct sales businesses, I never really saw myself doing one. But, I found a product that I love from a company that I have always admired, so had to jump in and see what I could do. If you love the products, I would be so grateful if you could let a few friends know. If you know someone who would be interested in earning a little extra money as a specialist, I would love for you to tell them about this great opportunity.

Here's to you becoming the most beautiful, healthy, vibrant self you can be!


Michelle Riddle

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My 30 day results

After years of breakouts, irritated skin and hundreds of dollars spent on dozens of products that quickly made their way to the under the counter skincare graveyard, I had almost given up on having skin that I would feel confident in. Products that helped one problem led to another, and the products that were helping had questionable ingredients. I was amazed at the change in my skin after using the Ever Skincare regimen for a few weeks. I have been using the line for 3 months now, and wake up every morning shocked at how clear, smooth and radiant my skin is. I know that sounds like a sales pitch, but I can honestly tell you that if I was not selling these products, I would still be telling my friends to give them a try!

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