Why Small and Medium Businesses

Prefer IBM Server

Most business operations these days are conducted using computers. Years before businesses often relied on a single computer and they were mostly adequate. Considering that there were not many applications those days, a standalone computer was able to meet most requirements. The world of small and medium enterprise has undergone drastic changes, and many of them use dozens of computers in their office and factories. Bigger enterprises use hundreds of them in their office network.

As a result of this proliferation, data got scattered over many computers and a transfer mechanism became inevitable. Computer experts solved this problem by using a central computer to which other computers where connected. They are nowadays called a server. A server is a specialized computer that allows the sharing of programs, data and common resources. One of the earliest server computers that hit the market is IBM server. IBM it may be noted is a world leader in office automation products. Their use is relevant to small and medium enterprises as much as they are to large businesses.

Popular IBM server models are –

· IBM Server-X3100 M4 2582IKA Model – Processor: Intel Xenon E3- 1220v2, Hard Disk: 500 GB, GHz: 3.1 GHz, RAM: 4 GB, Warranty: 3 years onsite

· IBM Server-X3250 M4 2583IEA Model (Single Socket Rack Server) - Category: Single Socket Rack (1U Server) Family: X 3250 M4

· IBM System x3100 M4 Tower Server (Intel Xeon 1220 Quad Core 3.1GHz / 8GB DDR3 RAM/ DVD-ROM/ 3Yrs. Onsite Warranty)

· IBM Server-X3400 M2 7837I2S Model (Single socket tower server). One Socket Tower, Intel Xeon E 5504 (Quad Core) Processor, 2.00Ghz/ 4Mb cache, 800 MHz FSB, 2GB (1x 2 GB) RAM/250 GB SATA, Expansion slots 5 PCI-Express and 1 PCI; 2 PCI-X or 1 PCI-optional

· IBM Server-X3400 M3 7379I3S Model (tower server). Deal Includes Three-Year Standard Warranty. Intel Xeon E 5507(Quad Core) Processor, 2.26Ghz/ 4Mb cache • 800 MHz FSB, 4GB x 1 RAM/146 GB SAS 10k rpm, 2.5’’ Hot Swap, Integrated RAID 01, Integrated RPS, Gigabit Ethernet

What makes the IBM server ideal for SMEs is –

· They are available in a wide range, and there is always something in the right price range to meet small business requirement.

· They come in wide range of configuration like hard disk, processor speed, motherboard, and body shapes – tower and rack.

· IBM servers are also held in high esteem for their manufacturing standards and materials. Their products besides being aesthetically appealing also consume lesser space.

· IBM has one of the best sales network and service centre around the world. That makes it easier for SMEs to get their computers serviced in the event of a break down.

· IBM servers are highly customizable by choosing HDD capacities and the software for servers

· Highly trained support personnel ensure quick delivery of service on time bound basis

· Proven security features which can be customized to your needs – has over 3000 personnel working on this aspect

Unique approach to providing service within a timeframe


Today the importance of time has been realized by the hi-tech machines that are used in the market. From a small business to a big retailer, to the restaurants, no one can manage their work efficiently without the help of a billing machine and a receipt printer that helps in recording and calculating all the transactions that have been done.