Weapons/ Vehicles in WW1

By: Jada Baucom

Machine Gun

Machine guns needed 4-6 men to work them and had to be on a flat surface. They had the fire-power of 100 guns. They fired shells which exploded on impact. Large field guns had a long range and could deliver devastating blows to the enemy.

Austin-Putilov - Russia/England

The Austin- Putilov was a British design. The Austin-Putilov was the most important armored can the Russians possessed during World War 1. It could fit 5 people. It also weighed 11,440 pounds. The amount of armor is 8mm.

Trench Mortars

This is one of the most dreaded and revered weapon of an infantryman. They are very light weight and man portable. A mortar does not have to see the target to fire at it. Mortars can fire over hills, buildings, rivers, ect. A mortar crew usually consists of at least three members.

Hotchkiss Model 1909

The Hotchkiss Model 1909, feed 30-round strip magazine also belt feed. The rate of fire was 400 rounds per minute. This Model was a gas operated weapon with a air cooled barrel. The sights were iron front and rear.