John Krakauer

Jon Krakauer is the author


  • He was born in April 12, 1954 (age 60) Brookline, MA
  • Jon Krakauer is an American writer and mountaineer, primarily known for his writings about the outdoors, especially mountain-climbing.
  • One year after graduating from Bastrop High (1977), he spent three weeks by himself in the wilderness of the Stikine Icecap region of Alaska
  • Wrote the book into the wild and was published in 1996


Don't Settle Down And Sit In One Place. Move Around, Be nomadic, Make Each Day A New Horizon.
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I think he should move on because he inspires people to do try different experiences not to do the same thing all their life. He also wrote a book "Into The Wild" . It is an expansion of Krakauer's 9,000-word article on Christopher McCandless titled "Death of an Innocent", which appeared in the January 1993 issue of outside.