Religion Confusion

The Tang Dynasty is "up in arms" over religion!


My fellow citizens here in Chang'an are quite puzzled as to what religion to follow. After asking many people about what they believe, most of them said Buddhism or Confucianism. When doing further research on both religions, we learned that Confucianism started way before Buddhism was even though of. As you can see, Buddhism has taken over the country. Some people say that Buddhism is most used around this country now because its the rulers "liked" it the most. Another reason Buddhism thrived is; the only empress in all of Chinese history, Empress Wu Favorited Buddhism.


Confucianism used to; serve as a guide to all rulers, revile amongst the scholars of the Tang dynasty, backbone of the Chinese culture and society and taught all Tang rulers to be honorable and kind. Confucianism can be misguided as a philosophy rather than a religion. Rumors have said that Buddhism religion is fading as the Tang Dynasty comes to an end.