beaudy and gavin egg drop poster

Egg breaker 20000000000

Name: egg breaker 20000000000

Problem: we only had a limited amount of materials

Information/research: it is pretty hard to stop a egg dropping from 30 feet up in the air but we did stop the egg from breaking by using all of our materials like a plastic bag,card board,straws,cotton balls,tooth picks,tape,string,packing peanuts, and Dixie cups.

Ideas: our idea was to make a cover the egg by putting Dixie cups over the egg but it didn't work so we made it better by putting on a parachute a card board box covering the egg with padding inside the card board box.

Test idea: we tested our idea by dropping our contraption off the counter with a fake plastic egg in it. Our first test didn't work so we tried again with our new idea.

Final design: We made our egg a box to put inside for protection so the egg would not break we also put padding inside the card board box so the egg would not crack inside the card board box.

What we learned: We learned how parachutes work by testing and using them In action. almost every group used them so they were very successful. We also learned how to make a egg survive a thirty foot fall.